Termos e Condições

Drive On Holidays is a car rental company in Portugal, with its registered office at Quinta da Francelha de Baixo, Rua Francisco Sousa Tavares, nº 4, 2685-333 in Prior Velho.

These terms and conditions, together with the terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and security policy, constitute our agreement with you regarding the services we provide in relation to the supply of the vehicle.
All these elements form our terms. These terms apply to all contracts for our services to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions.
Acceptance of our services, or signature on any agreement, shall be deemed conclusive evidence of acceptance of these terms.
Drive on Holidays may change the terms, so we advise you to check our website regularly for any changes that may affect your hire.
These terms apply to any booking that is made by us or through our website, so you should ensure that you are familiar with their contents.
Our terms and conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability.

Car bookings on this website are conditional on our customers accepting our terms. If you do not agree with any part of the terms & conditions you should not proceed with your booking. By confirming your booking you indicate that you have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions. If you have any questions or queries about car hire or any other product please contact our customer service team on 00351 212 697 488 or via email at [email protected] or [email protected]
In most cases, the vehicle requested will be available. When you decide to rent a vehicle or other product through this website at the suggested price, your request may be accepted within 48 hours of submission (or up to 1 day before arrival, if not earlier). If your request has been accepted we will send you an e-mail with the booking confirmation (Voucher Confirmation). Please note that you will not have any rental contract at the price offered until your booking has been confirmed and payment has been made. If you have any questions or queries please contact us.

It is mandatory and essential to present a Visa or MasterCard credit card for the purpose of booking and picking up the car in the name of the main driver.

The following cards are also accepted for payment
- Visa
- MasterCard
- Dinners
- Discover
- Multibanco
- Union Pay International

Drive on Holidays is not responsible for renters who drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, cause wilful damage, or drive the vehicle off recognised roads without due care and attention. The hirer will accept full responsibility in the above cases.

What is included in the price?
Prices include unlimited mileage, CDW insurance (details below), third party insurance, theft liability waiver, local taxes and airport taxes (where specified).

CDW insurance reduces the hirer's liability for the full cost of the damage to a locally applicable excess, unless the hirer causes the damage intentionally, is under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or uses the vehicle in a prohibited or negligent manner, such as driving off the main roads, or lending the car to other drivers not included in the rental, or duly qualified. CDW insurance covers liability for damage to the vehicle as well as its parts and accessories. Windscreens, tyres, the underside of the car, loss of keys, towing fees and fines are not covered by the policy. Other exclusions may apply depending on the circumstances.

Theft Waiver
(TW) Reduces the contractor's liability in the event of theft, damage caused by theft or attempted theft of the vehicle to an excess, where locally applicable. Negligence related to the theft of the vehicle may lead to the full cost of the vehicle being charged.

What is not included in the price?
Fuel, personal accident insurance, items awaiting special confirmation, insurance excess (unless specified on your voucher that this is already included), charges for out-of-hours pick-up, workshop, traffic and parking fines, congestion charges, additional drivers (unless otherwise stated on your voucher) and young drivers if applicable. All of these must be paid locally. There is the possibility to take out optional insurance to reduce or eliminate the contractor's liability (excess). It is also possible to request an additional service for driving outside the country of origin of the car hire. Items and fees payable locally are subject to taxes.

Out of Hours Pick-up Fee
Drive on Holidays offers a service outside normal business hours (24-hour service). There is a fee applied for this service, which is payable at the counter when the service is not requested when booking online.
The fee for the out-of-hours service is €33.00 per service.

Minimum/Maximum Age Limit
The minimum age for car hire is 19 years old.
There are rates applied to ages between 19-21 and / or 21-23 years old.
The maximum age is 90 years old.

Additional Driver
There is a fee for each additional driver.
The fee is €15.00 (+ VAT) per driver. Fee applied per rental.

Daily Rates / Hire Periods / Extensions Periods
The price of your hire will be confirmed at the time of booking, which is based on 24 hour periods. If you wish to extend your booking after collection of the vehicle, or deliver it after the stipulated date and time, you will be charged the daily rate, which may be higher than that at the time the booking was made.

Later and earlier pick-ups and drop-offs
Your rental starts and ends according to the pick-up and return details stipulated on your voucher. There is no refund if the car is returned earlier than stipulated on the voucher, or if the car is delivered later than the date and time. If it is not possible to pick up the vehicle on the scheduled date, you should contact Drive on Holidays as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will remain available, and there is no refund in these cases.

One-Way Hire
One way bookings must be confirmed in advance and are subject to a fee. Fees range from 125€ to 175,00€ ( + VAT ).

Car Seats and other Extras
Car Seats and other extras are available for hire upon prior request (limited to existing stock), and subject to a fee.
In Portugal the law requires the use of car seats up to the age of 10.

Territorial extension:
The restriction of driving the rented vehicle outside Portugal, with the exception of Spain, applies. For this you must select the Cross Border option when booking. Not applicable to the islands.
A fee will be applied for this purpose, as well as additional documentation.

Booking Ammendment:
No charge will be made for changes to your booking, prior to collection of the vehicle, which do not alter the content of the booking. If there are changes in the duration, dates, lcation and type of vehicle, there may be a price increase.
To cancel your reservation you must log in to the Reservation Cancellation section.
All reservations canceled up to 48hours before the scheduled start date will be fully refunded.
Refunds will not be considered for cancellation requests after this period or for non-compliance with mandatory conditions.

Driving License
Drivers must hold a valid driving licence for a minimum period of one year.
Our Customer Support must be informed of any driving offences at the time of booking.
Drive on Holidays reserves the right to refuse/cancel any vehicle hire in such circumstances.
All drivers of the vehicle must be named on the rental agreement and have in their possession the necessary documents for Driving (driving licence, citizen card and/or passport) under penalty of self by the police authorities.
Please note that an International Driving Licence does not replace a regular driving licence: a driving licence is mandatory and essential for car rental.  

Car Group
Drive on Holidays does not guarantee the specific make and model of the vehicle booked. The car shown on the website is simply an example and a different vehicle of a similar or superior range may be provided.

Vehicles Provided
Drive on Holidays reserves the right to refuse delivery of a vehicle to customers who are deemed unfit to drive or who do not meet the necessary requirements.
Drive on Holidays is not liable for refunds or loss of travel bookings, hotels or other costs and plans resulting in this situation.

If you are dissatisfied with the rental and wish to formalise your dissatisfaction you should contact the Customer Service within 3 months of returning the vehicle.

Mechanical Breakdowns / Accidents
In case of mechanical breakdown you should contact Drive on Holidays. If you are involved in an accident, you should contact the police and Drive on Holidays. You must keep in your possession any documentation you complete.

Vehicle hire is subject to the terms and conditions of Drive on Holidays, and Portuguese law.
Drive on Holidays is not responsible for any loss, damage, alteration or delays resulting from airport strikes, flight cancellations, adverse weather conditions, terrorist activities....

Vehicle Bookings and other products
If you wish to book a vehicle or order products or services described on our website, you will be asked for personal information to make your booking - such as credit card information, driving licence details and personal identification.
Any information you provide will be treated as described in our privacy policy.
You agree that all the information you provide is true and complete. You agree to the payment of the reservation, and any extra requested at the time of booking and fees applied to your requests.
The data provided by you is subject to verification prior to its acceptance for booking, request or payment purposes.
You agree that bookings, extras and services are subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by Drive on Holidays.

Website Terms of Use
The use of any software that directly or indirectly interacts with our website and interferes with its normal operation is prohibited. Any activity that overloads our systems will be terminated.
We monitor any access to our website as well as any overuse of the automated system by permanently blocking the user / IP from our systems.
Your use of the website indicates your agreement to the terms of use.

Data Protection
Your privacy is important to us.
By accessing the site you agree to our privacy policy terms as well as access to personal information provided by you for use by Drive on Holidays in sending promotional emails and special offers.

Customer suggestions
Customer suggestions will be made available on our website for the sole purpose of informing its users of their opinion of Drive on Holidays' services and quality.
We reserve the right to refuse or remove any comment that does not fall within the permitted scope.